The GulfRun Karting Endurance Race ended with great success. All 11 teams did exceptionally well as the competition was fierce and very close. Throughout the 26 hours of the race the number of laps between the top 5 teams was extremely close fighting till the end. We would like to congratulate all the teams for their achievement finishing the longest karting endurance race in the middle east, and we would like to congratulate team Gulf Cables for 1st place, a team of 5 drivers managing to race throughout the 26 hours flawlessly. 2nd place went to team Scuderia, and 3rd place went to team Agsher. Special thanks goes to all the sponsors, marshals, and coordinators who made this event happen and successful, and a big thanks goes to all the team members for their participation.

Jump after the break to check out more pictures from team Agsher.

I personally raced with team Agsher, so here are some pictures I took throughout the 26 hours:

This is when we first arrived Friday at 12:30pm


Setting up our booth

Marshals getting ready and Karts being filled with gas.

Drivers getting ready to set their qualifying lap time.

Team Agsher driving the qualifying lap

We managed to get the 2nd best lap time in qualifying, so we start 2nd in the grid.

Listening to the briefing on the rules and regulations before the race.

Setting up our top secret strategy.

Our first driver getting ready

Making sure the helmet is clean and ready

Drivers drive the first lap with the Audi A1 safety car to their starting positions.

Drivers and the crowd waiting anxiously for the green flag

Go Go Go!

And the race has started

The race going through the night

Through the morning


The next morning, the team starting to have too much fun

Less than 1 hour to go for the race

The cutest spectator

Team Agsher at the last few minutes of the race

Team Gulf Cables finishing first

Team Agsher taking 3rd place of the competition.

It was an amazing event, everything went smoothly having an amazing time. If you haven’t participated this year, get ready for the next one 🙂