After the previous visit by the bloggers (The guys), the girls got really jealous and wanted to try out the simulator by themselves. So, the GulfRun organized a day for them to prove that girls are as good inside a racing car as the boys. To my surprise, they had a lot of fun and were all able to do really well. One of the girls, Moody, was able to get an exceptionally good time at 1:11. 624, for her first time, that’s something not a lot of guys can achieve. Overall, it was a great day and I advise all the girls to come and try it out to experience the thrill and fun driving a race car.
Thanks to 7ajidude for the pictures and the great review.

Here are the lap times of the bloggers in order:

Rank Blog Lap Time
1 1:11.624
2 1:29.456
3 1:31.765
4 1:46.021