GulfRun recently launched its racing simulator in Baroue, Avenues. We wanted to bring something new in Kuwait where anyone can experience the adrenaline, the fun, and the skill required to drive fast around a track. The simulator was built with top notch components and specs, just to give you an example, its equipped with a  highly advanced computer-driven full-motion system that use sophisticated electro-mechanical actuation yielding zero latency fast movements where you feel every shift, bump and braking of the car. Other features of the simulator will be mentioned later.

Yesterday, the simulator was completely reserved for the bloggers to try it out and have a small competition in. The response was great as they enjoyed driving it and were eager to lower their lap times to beat the other bloggers. Here is the rank of the bloggers and their lap time:

Rank Blog Lap Time
1 1:08.131
2 1:10.510
3 1:11.322
4 1:12.160
5 1:20.607
6 1:21.217
7 1:26.039

The competition for first was fierce but brakebanzeen was able to take first place with some great driving skills. Overall it was a great day and we can’t wait for you to come and try it. More pics after the jump.