Uh oh, looks like someone just got Red Bulled. Don’t know what that means? Remember back to the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix, in which the Red Bull racer driven by Mark Webber was leading the race with his teammate, Sebastian Vettel, right behind in second. It appeared to everyone watching that the famous energy drink’s team would earn the first two spots on the podium, but it was not to be.

Vettel dove to the inside in a daring and dangerous maneuver and collided into his teammate. Vettel’s day was done, Webber managed to finish the race in third. Stupid.

So memorable was the incident that it’s now become a verb. The latest set of teammates to pull a Red Bull? Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden, who race matching Honda Civics in the British Touring Car Championship. On the last lap of the second race at Oulton Park on June 5th, Neal, who was in second place behind his ‘mate, decided he deserved to take the win. His passing maneuver, though, ended in tears.