With all the dust storms we’ve been having here lately, I figured it’s the perfect time to make a how-to on cleaning your aftermarket air filter. So here it is folks, Q8Mods.com’s first how-to!

Note: This process is for reusable aftermarket filters only. Most stock air filters are paper-type, therefore they are not reusable.

Items Required:
– Shop towels
– K&N (or equivalent) cleaning spray
– K&N (or equivalent) air filter oil (for oiled filters only)
– Sink

Step 1
Use the cleaning spray and spray the entire air filter on both sides. Spray until the air filter starts to drip. I usually use 1 bottle for 4 cleaning sessions. Now let the air filter sit on a shop towel for about 15 minutes so it soaks up the solution.

Step 2
Under a sink, apply water starting from the inside FIRST. This step is important to prevent the dirt from going in further into the fibers. Once all the dirt is out, apply water on the outside as shown to remove any remaining debris.

Step 3
Let the air filter sit on a shop towel until it is completely dry. I prefer to leave it sitting overnight. If you are using a dry-type air filter such as AEM Dryflow, aFe ProDry or Amsoil Synthetic Nanofiber, you can reinstall the air filter onto your car once its fully dried up. Otherwise, continue to step 4.

Step 4
Using the air filter oil, spray the oil evenly onto the air filter. I prefer to spray each area once and then move on to the next until I’ve covered the entire filter. Make sure you don’t over-oil it. Leave the air filter sit on a shop towel for another 15 minutes to let the fibers absorb all the oil. Reinstall the air filter onto your car.

For reference, this is what you should end up with: