A friend of mine, Othman Al Othman got the new HKS Camp 2 monitoring system for his G35. The HKS Camp 2 is basically a monitoring system for all the sensors in the engine. It allows you to read, monitor and log parameters such as water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, boost and so on. It can read up to 24 different signals and view up to 6 of them at the same time.

The neat thing about this system is that it eliminates the clutter and mess of installing analog gauges on the dash or A-pillar. To install it all you need is a car equipped with a screen. You can hook it up directly to the factory screen or you can use an aftermarket one. Click here to view the installation of the devise and jump after the break for the review.

I basically left all the connections plugged in unless I’m dropping the car off to the dealer for warranty work. The system starts up as soon as you switch on the ignition and turn on the AUX, where it will go directly to the main menu.

You navigate your way using the supplied remote controller. First you’ll need to go into SETUP to correctly set the parameters. In this case all you really need to set is the TYPE (in which case mine would be NISSAN 3). A table with all the cars and types is listed in the manual so make sure you take a look at it.

That’s pretty much it as far as setup. Now you can go back to the menu and hit DIGITAL to view the gauges in digital format as shown above. The large numbers are basically your current numbers and the smaller ones are the peak. You can view them as either 3 large digital gauges with a visual read out or 6 smaller ones.

You also have the option for analogue type gauges which are more for the traditional users. Similar to the digital gauges, you have two viewing options, either 1 large analogue gauge with 6 smaller digital ones or 3 large analogue gauges.

Of course the cool thing is, you can change the parameters to your liking and choose which goes where. You also have a bunch of other options. You can change the background color (I opted for a carbon fiber scheme), the color of the gauges and needles and the option to log, save and replay data as shown above.

You also have the ability to connect extra sensors such as oil pressure and EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature). Don’t be too excited though, these extras will come at a price. Extra sensors from HKS will run you anywhere from about $80 to $150. Not only that, but you’ll also be needing the Interface kit which is another $90.

Q8mods.com Review: I really like the digital layout and simplicity when compared with the traditional analogue gauges. With all the wiring hidden, no one was able to tell I have installed anything, which was exactly what I was going for. All the gauges can be switched on and live with just a flick of a button. No need for any drilling to mount a gauge pod or hacking up the interior to install a poor fitting A-pillar gauge mount.
A couple things I didn’t like though. First is the price which really starts to add up when you buy all the extras. Second thing is the use of a remote controller. A more integrated interface which can use the existing buttons would’ve been even better in my opinion. All in all it’s a great alternative for those who are looking for a clean and relatively simple way to monitor their engine.

Q8mods.com Final Rating: 8/10