If you have ever shopped older Porsches, you may already know that the older air-cooled  911s are considerably more popular than their new water-cooled counter parts. Something about sounding cool or what not.

Of course, the newer 911s are more advanced under the skin with better brakes, more supple suspensions and more powerful engines. With that in mind, lifelong 911 enthusiast Rob Dickenson set out to “create the ultimate 911” by combining the character of the older models with the performance of a modern car. The result is the Singer 911.

Thoroughly re-engineered from top to bottom, the Singer 911 features an air-cooled 3.8-liter flat six with individual throttle bodies and a Motec ECU. In its standard state of tune it produces 360-horsepower while the race setup bumps output to 425-hp. According to Singer the car will go from 0-to-60 in 3.9 seconds with the race tune and have a top speed of around 170mph.