I got the opportunity to participate in the Event M meets X which was held in Mishref, and organized by BMW on the 18th of December. The objective of the event was to promote the new X5M and X6M, the first time in BMWs history where they introduce an X car with M power. They had an Auto X course setup in the Mishref Exhibition parking lot where you could drive 3 of their M cars around it as fast as you can, the X5M, X6M and an M3. Three professional M drivers came from Germany to instruct us and give us an idea of what an M car can do.

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The cars that were available to drive:

The cars came from the mother company in Dubai.

The Auto X track we drove around:

At arrival, a badge was prepared and given to each participant:

They had setup a nice tent next to the track where a briefing was given talking about the new M cars and a video was shown showing us the history of M cars:

After the briefing, we went outside to take a tutorial on the optimal driving position:

After that, the cars were setup for us to begin our driving session, although traction control was on (I did try to turn it off, didn’t work :s) you could go as fast as you can around the cones which was really fun.

Inside the X6M waiting for my turn:

We drove in 3 cars, 2 laps each which was long and enjoyable enough. Although the X5M and X6M are a lot heavier than the M3, they were still very fast and nimble around the cones thanks to their monstrous 550hp engines and X drive systems. After we finished the driving session, each participant had a chance to sit with one of the professional M drivers to get a taste of what an M car can really do:

To finalize the day, each participant was awarded with a certificate signed by the M drivers with his name on it:

Overall, it was a great experience, what better way could you spend the day than driving 3 M cars as fast as you can around an auto-x track? The event was organized very well and went very smoothly. I love auto-x events and wish we have more events like this in Kuwait. I’m sure we will 😉

The big question here is, was it a good idea for BMW to meet the X with the M?