If you see a Radical creeping up behind you on the track, get out of the way! These little track cars are fast and I don’t mean on the straights, as you will find out in this video, but on the twisty stuff. Michael Vergers, driving a Radical SR8LM, shattered the production car track record by 8 seconds securing a time of 6:48! To really get a better understanding of how fast that is, check out the following lap times:

  1. Ferrari Enzo – 7:25.3
  2. Maserati MC12 – 7:24.3
  3. Porsche 911 GT2 – 7:32.02

So how does the Radical pull this off? A lightweight body, fantastic aerodynamics, and a Suzuki Hyabusa modified engine putting out 455 hp. And great driving of course.

Stay tuned! Pun intended.


This post was written by guest blogger, El Wehbi, from the automotive blog Brake Banzeen! To read more of his work, visit brakebanzeen.com.