What is Brake Fade?
It is when your brakes aren’t as useful as they were after a few rounds around the track. The brakes no longer have the same grip they had earlier in the day, if any grip at all. The brake fluid over heats in its tubes causing expansion, you press the pedal and it goes all the way through to the back with no resistance, then you feel a shiver of fear down your spine thinking that the car won’t stop but there are solutions.

Dangers of it?
Losing control of the car and crashing, its not joke and something that has to be taken into account when going around in the track. The reason why you let your car cool off after a few laps so that you don’t suffer brake fade, and if you feel your foot going through after a few pumps then you should let it cool off for a while.

Precautions for it?

  • Upgrade your brakes, see what racing options you have, cross drilled or slotted discs, bigger piston brakes. This is a bit expensive to do but the best solution
  • Upgrade your brake fluid, we recommend Castrol SRF or Endless both of them improve stock and racing brakes dramatically
  • Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses, stops the tubes from expanding so the pressure goes through

When it happens!
You will start feeling you brakes not gripping as much as before after a few laps around the track, if that is the case then you should let it cool off. But if you suffer a major brake fade and there is no braking what so ever, then try down shifting as safely as you can to bring down your speed, give it a few seconds then try the brakes again, and try down shifting, it will help bring your speed down dramatically. There is always a solution.