Whenever you go to the track they always require some sort of safety gear, and the one main requirement is a helmet. Last year we used what was provided for the track and some of us brought our own. I have a few motorcycle helmets that I brought as well as ordering a few for some people that asked for it.

Motorcycle helmets meet all safety standards of the track so you are allowed. The one I had was a closed faced helmet and that is pretty cool lookig but not the most practical, an open face helmet is preferable since both of them provide the right amount of safety inside a car. There are some other types of gear which can help on the track since you are there all day.

Gloves would really helped especially after multiple laps your hands start getting sweaty. At that point your hands start slipping a bit and it doesn’t feel too good. Then there are the shoes, you want something to make it easy for you to move back and forth between the gas, break, and clutch pedals. The right amount of traction on the pedals is important, dress shoes are not appropriate, even sneakers are fine but some people showed up with nice shoes but aren’t that functional.