Seeing as my last post was on the topic of oversteer, it would only be fitting to follow up with a post on understeer. So get your note pads out and let’s get started!

As highlighted in my previous write up, the most successful drivers are the ones who are able to master the driving line in as smooth a manner as possible. Unlike oversteer, understeer is cancer to a competitive lap time. Understeer occurs when there is loss of traction, especially to the front wheels, and the car tends to veer off the racing line. It might not affect rear wheel drive vehicles as much, however, all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive cars tend to face this issue quite a bit.

I honestly couldn’t have found a better video to showcase understeer!

Some things you’re doing which may cause understeer:

  • Applying too much throttle through a bend
  • Tires lack grip / bite
  • Rough braking while entering a corner

To prevent understeer:

  • Be prepared and manage your speed when taking a corner
  • Manage your throttle input wisely
  • Avoid stomping on the brakes when cornering; apply them smoothly
  • When you feel your car has begun to understeer, gently lift off the throttle and point the wheels forward; once traction is regained, continue taking your turn at a controlled pace

As I mentioned in the oversteer post, it’s really all about practice. Lucky for you guys, GulfRun 5 is coming up!

Stay tuned! Pun intended.


This post was written by guest blogger, El Wehbi, from the automotive blog Brake Banzeen! To read more of his work, visit