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Heavy rumors have been circulating the F1 paddock area in recent times about the deteriorating relationship between the McLaren F1 team and Mercedes. This was most probably sparked by the cheating scandal which saw McLaren lose the 2007 Championship with Ferrari claiming the title; Mercedes never quite forgave them for that one. To add fuel to the fire, it has recently been said that Mercedes is possibly considering a large stake purchase in the Brawn F1 team, who is already an F1 engine customer of the German manufacturer.

Now, another piece of interesting news has popped up: McLaren F1 are seeking to purchase the departing BMW F1 team’s engine production operation. Is it a rumor? No one knows as of yet.

mclaren f1

What could be fantastic about this piece of news? Well, many car lovers all over the world will remember that the last time McLaren and BMW shacked up, they gave birth to a legend: the McLaren F1 road car. Could we see another supercar come to life in the near future? I’ll leave you to dream up your thoughts.

Stay tuned! Pun intended.


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