We have finalized the list of cars participating in the upcoming GulfRun 4. With a variety of different cars taking part from Minis and S2000s to GT2s and Scuderias; GulfRun 4 should result in a very interesting round-up.

The cars taking part this year couldn’t be any different, the agile autocross champions are in full force with a healthy showing of the 4cyl NA cars in pairs; the Mini Cooper S, Lotus Exige S 240(and 340R) and Honda S2000. The next level up is chocked full of M3s, Evos, Carreras and the new Lexus ISF; which should put some pressure on the proven track cars. There is no lack of power at the top of the food chain; with several Porsche Turbos and Noble M400s coming back for another year with GulfRun. In addition to the returning cars, we are also proud to have the Nissan GTR, Porsche GT2 (997), Ferrari F430 Scuderia and Dodge Viper making their first appearance at this year’s event.

With the help of the professional instructors of the Bahrain International circuit, we hope to see the drivers maximize on the true potential of their cars. The Bahrain International Circuit is one of the best designed tracks in the world, with the largest run-off in each corner allowing the drivers to test their vehicle’s capabilities in comfort. And as the event at the Bahrain International circuit consisting of an Inner and GP circuit time attack, Autocross time trial and Quarter-mile drag competition; drivers can get a new understanding of driving techniques.

  1. Audi    R8
  2. BMW    M3 CSL
  3. BMW    M3 ZCP
  4. BMW    M6
  5. BMW    Z3M Coupe
  6. Dodge    Viper
  7. Ferrari    360 Modena
  8. Ferrari    F430
  9. Ferrari    F430 Scuderia
  10. Ferrari    F430 Scuderia
  11. Ford    GT
  12. Honda    S2000
  13. Honda    S2000
  14. Lamborghini    Murcielago
  15. Lexus    ISF
  16. Lotus    Exige S 240
  17. Mini    Cooper S
  18. Mini    Cooper S
  19. Mitsubishi    Evolution 8
  20. Mitsubishi    Evolution 8
  21. Mitsubishi    Evolution 8
  22. Mitsubishi    Evolution 8
  23. Mitsubishi    Evolution 9
  24. Nissan    350z
  25. Nissan    GTR
  26. Nissan    GTR
  27. Noble    M400
  28. Noble    M400
  29. Porsche    Carrera (996)
  30. Porsche    CarreraRS
  31. Porsche    CarreraS (997)
  32. Porsche    GT2 (997)
  33. Porsche    GT3 (997)
  34. Porsche    GT3RS (997)
  35. Porsche    GT3RS (997)
  36. Porsche    GT3RS (997)
  37. Porsche    Turbo (996)
  38. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  39. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  40. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  41. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  42. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  43. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  44. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  45. Porsche    Turbo (997)
  46. Ruf RT12

Who poses the greatest challenge? American muscle or Italian styling? German precision or Japanese versatility? The lines will be drawn at GulfRun!