One of the cars we are looking forward to having at this year’s event is the Lexus IS-F. As it currently isn’t available in Kuwait; Saleh (owner) imported this 400+ hp beast straight from the states. After fixing a fried stereo and a few bumps from transportation, the car was ready to go. With a completely new engine, bodywork and transmission, it’s hard to confuse the IS-F from its lesser-powered siblings’.

We recently took it out for a quick comparison with some other cars, the IS-F has a tremendous amount of power that kept it right next to (and occasionally passing) the Audi R8, Audi RS4 and Porsche Carrera S. It couldn’t keep up with the Buschur-tuned Mitsubishi Evo8 or BMW M6, but has the potential to be a very capable car.

As for the handling, it is sportier than other Lexus’ (expected). However, Lexus did not include the ability to control the suspension setting (which is available on the LX/LS). Although, the car is very planted on turns and is very responsive. The full handling capabilities of the car have yet to be seen, but Saleh intends on pushing it to the limits in November.