In the days leading up to the GulfRun4 in Kuwait/Bahrain on November 20th – 29th, we will be doing several reviews and posts about the upcoming cars and their modifications.

In one of our first posts; we wanted to start off with our very own track tuned GR-EVO. Some years ago on the track we learned a valuable lesson when modifying cars; absolute power corrupts absolutely. And after several blown gaskets, pistons and internals; we believe we have achieved an optimum balance between power and reliability (50+ laps a day).

We recently took the GR-EVO to a new 4wheel dyno in Kuwait; G-Force Autoworx dynojet in the Free Trade Zone. The team at G-Force Autoworx were kind enough to give us a preview of their facility and dyno setup.

After the first initial run (and cleaning out the carbon build up); the car managed to post an impressive 365rwhp (~440hp after a 20% drivertrain loss adjustment) on stock 19 PSI. After reviewing the dyno results, we realized that there is a potential for more power and delivery after some slight tuning of the a/f ratio. The ecu will be going under the knife soon to clean up the curve and bring in the power earlier.

Dyno run video (look out for the carbon buildup):

We are also going to be taking the freight train Ford GT40 to the dyno very soon to evaluate the new exhaust setup.