Media Registration

If you would like to participate as a photographer at GulfRun events – please register below. We will have limited media passes available at our events – these will grant you access to restricted areas and only be given to photographers with professional cameras. You must register at least one week before the event in order to be qualified.

  1. GulfRun request that any person wishing to engage in any filming, video or photography should register their details with staff at the event organisers desk before carrying out such photography.
  2. GulfRun reserves the right of entry and reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the event organiser’s conditions.
  3. GulfRun are not liable for any accidents, acts of violence, or harmful acts that may occur while attending the Circuit. You are responsible for your own safety at all times.
  4. Your due diligence is requested with regards to taking and using photos or video footage at this event. Please note that some participants may not have given their consent for individual or close range pictures. If you do take any photos or video footage during this event, please refrain from any unnecessary close up shots and please remember that it is illegal for you to use any of these images on websites or in promotional material without the consent of the individual.

By submitting the form, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above.